Ta-Yuan Cogeneration Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1993, mainly engaged in the management of cogeneration, maintenance of operations , equipment and incinerators upkeep and waste removal. The aim of setting up the Cogeneration is in line with the government policies which are focused on the promotion of integration of energy and resources to improve energy efficiency and savings in the industrial zones. Not only does it relieve the tension in the distribution of power and steam in the industrial zone, but also reduces environmental pollution by developing cogeneration.

Cogeneration system is an energy conversion device which generates heat and transfers electricity simultaneously. First of all, the fuel is inserted into the combustion to generate heat (generally referred to as steam), and then the heat energy generates electric energy through the turbine generator. Afterwards, to enhance energy efficiency, the remaining energy is reused again through the turbine process. The temperature of the heat and pressure of the steam drops significantly while the steam is going through the turbine process, while creating heat for the near by industries. Compared with simple electric generation or steam powered equipment, cogeneration has much higher energy efficiency and competitiveness.

Ta-Yuan Cogeneration Company is located in the Da-Yuan Industrial Park, in Tao Yuan City. The major industries in this area are food, paper, and chemical, electroplating and dyeing. If the manufacturers produce their own steam, the costs in fuel, maintenance and technology would be higher than The cogeneration system saves these industries a great deal in steam, fuel maintenance and technology fees on an annual basis. Pollution is always a major issue for industries, and cogeneration is one of the leading solutions. Not only does it save fuel and reduces pollution, but it also increases approximately 10% thermal efficiency in total for electric generation. Domestic air pollution regulations are getting stricter and cogeneration can significantly reduce the emission of pollutants. If manufacturers in the industrial area wish to fully adopt the cogeneration of heat provided, there will be no obstacles with the regulatory bodies in regards to installing air pollution control equipment. This is a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Ta-Yuan cogeneration has built over 10 kilometers of steam pipelines, and supplied energy resource integration for 60 companies, and continues to grow in the Ta-Yuan Industrial Area. The vision of Ta-Yuan Cogeneration is to promote our successful energy resource integration experience to the other industial areas to achieve “long term growth" in the future.