Ta-Yuan Cogen Co., Ltd. started a brand new page in 2014 to invest in the renewable energy business. We plan to build another Renewable Resources Plant in the Environmental Science and Technology Park in Taoyuan to collect business waste and hazardous industrial waste in the country. We will especially build plants and introduce devices that are quality and of the professional level for the physical treatment process. As a result, the waste can be recycled and re-used. The Plant successfully went into production in March, 2015 and acquired the Level A Qualified certificate for waste disposal (treatment) in June 2019. The Plant can process 21,000 tons of waste per year. The Company hopes that we can do our part for environmental protection in Taiwan with the new Renewable Resources Plant.

In 2020, in order to respond to the government's circular economy policy and create new business opportunities, the factory space will be re-planned and the "Solid Recovered Fuel" (SRF) process equipment will be newly installed. The SRF produced can be used in high-energy-efficiency boilers and combustion facilities. In addition to reducing environmental impact, fuel costs and fuel usage, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and achieves the ideal goal of turning waste into energy; the new process has been commercialized and received solid waste in November 2022. In the future, SRF will become an upstream and downstream relationship with the cogeneration plant of steam and electricity, establish an industrial environment that recycles resources and reduces environmental impact, and creates a circular economic model for new types of renewable energy.