Jeff Chang

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Chang joined Ta-Yuan Cogen Co., Ltd as the CEO on August 1st, 2008. He came from the position of CEO of Chung Loong CRDP China a division of the Cheng Loong Group. In 2013, he led his team to initiate the building and development of the recycling treatment plant in Taoyuan Environmental Science and Technology Park. For nearly six years, he has actively promoted the performance improvement of our cogeneration plants, expanded the client base who use heat and power, and maximized the performance efficiency of the equipment. In addition, he is also a exceptional business leader, creating stable profit rates and dividends annually for the company.
Jeff Chang was awarded the 16th outstanding production manager of R.O.C. in 1997. He is very professional and shows excellent ability in his current position. His years of experience and consistent performance has earned his confirmation industry wide.
Jeff Chang joined the Cheng Loong Group in March 10th, 1980. He entered as a grass roots employee. Throughout the years he has worked hard, steadily, and gradually up the ranks of management there. He started his 40-year career as an engineer, and later served as section chief, manager, factory director, and many other positions. His character is practical, diligent and humble. Jeff Chang is invaluable to our company and Cheng Loong Group.